Add to your Game

Add achievements and high scores to your html5 games.

Download Construct 2 Plugin


You can use our API with our script to save high scores and achievements for your games. If using Construct 2, and jump to step 2, if using any other framework or plain javascript, start with step 1.

Step 1

Link to our javascript file. Put it above your other files.

Step 2: Init

Call the init function after everything loads, for game id use lower case letters and underscores, for example: game_name_init. Construct 2 users you just need to enter in the game id, others use the code below.

Step 3: High Scores

To save a high score you need a SCORE variable and a BOARD variable. You create your own BOARD ID. Make sure to use lowercase letters and underscores, for example game_name_hsbrd.

Step 4: Achievements

To save an achievement you just need an AWARD_ID. You create your own id, Make sure to use lowercase letters, underscores and numbers, for example: game_name_award001. Achievements can be stacked in an array, if you wish to save more then one at once.